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NUP Secretary general David Lewis Rubongoya Has Revealed How Government is going to brainwash all political prisoners


The National Unity Platform secretary general David Lewis Rubongoya has asserted that all political prisoners should be released unconditionally sighting that they did not commit any crime.

During the press conference that happened on Thursday this week ate the party headquarters the president Hon. Kyagulanyi said there is no need to request or bargain with president Museveni over the release of the political prisoners because they did not commit any crimes.

This follows after the newly appointed state minister of gender, labor and social development in charge of youth and children appeared before president Museveni at statehouse Entebbe and requested for the release of these political prisoners.

Balam further requested that when these prisoners are released, they should be subjected to a mentorship and rehabilitation program because they were manipulated by politicians.

The president said he will consider pardoning them after all the crimes being charged against them are not serious, he added that they could be arrested if it were murder cases.

President Museveni asked for the lists of these political prisoners promising to look into the matter so that they are released as soon as possible.

The NUP secretary general David Lewis Rubongoya has said its is not necessary to put them out of physical jail to put them in a mental jail indicating that they are planning top brainwash them to stop supporting the National Unity Platform

“Do not get them out of a physical jail only to put them into a mental jail. The assertion that upon release, they will be taken for training in order to brainwash them to stop supporting the National Unity Platform is simply abhorrent.” Rubongoya said.

Daniella Atim opens up about her 16 years of violent marriage with singer Jose Chameleon.


Daniella Atim in an Instagram post has publicly shared her experiences regarding her marriage with the singer Jose Chameleon.

Daniela said she managed to endured 16 years of domestic violence with her famous husband Jose Chameleon and she thanks God for that

She added that among the reasons she seeked for asylum in the United States was domestic violence, she was on a run to save her life

“Hi, my name is Daniella, I live in a Minnesota suburb with my 5 children. My faith is anchored in Jesus, his Grace, love, and mercy changed everything for me. I am social and love to be around people. “I wasn’t social” for a very long time and I am a foodie and I love coffee and hot tea.” She said.

“I moved to the US exactly 5 years ago and sought asylum from many things including domestic violence that I endured for 16 years. I am a single mom with 5 kids on my own. Even though the age I am turning this year sounds too serious. I’m choosing to relive my early life while healing my nervous system. I am a beautiful work in progress. SAY NO TO DOMESTIC VIOLENCE” Daniella added

Newly Appointed Minister Balaam Barugahara promises to Free all Political Prisoners.


The President of Uganda Yoweri Kaguta Museveni on Thursday appointed events promoter and sworn in member of the National Resistance movement Balaam Barugahara as state minister for Gender Labor and Social development in charge of youths after a cabinet reshuffle.

The newly appointed minister today underwent a vetting process at Parliament where he said he is not in Cabinet to recruit youths to the MK Project, but rather to fix the problem of unemployment among the young people in Uganda.

“I am not in Cabinet to recruit the youths for the MK Project, already the MK Project has over 21 million young people and MK or PLU as you may call it, we aren’t a political party. We are a civic organization that is aimed at patriotism, spreading love for the country. It is a very civic organization where I encourage each one of you to join so my being appointed Minister, I have come to fix and address challenges affecting young people,” said

Addressing journalists, he added that will free all political prisoners who were arrested during the 2021 elections while campaigning for the National Unity Platform.

Balaam said he will talk to president Museveni so that he could pardon them, offer them rehabilitation and provide them skills under the available government programs.

First Son Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba meets the world-famous band, UB40


MK Movement, Patriotic League of Uganda leader and first son Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba has today met the of the world-famous band, UB40.

The famous UB40 are set to have their live performance this Saturday 2nd March 2024 at Kololo independence grounds.

Muhoozi Kainerugaba said it was a pleasure meeting them and wished them success during their performances in Kampala

He added that he encouraged them to come back to Uganda and visit some national park as a way of embracing tourism thanking the organizers of the event.

Today, it was my pleasure to meet members of the world-famous band, UB40. I wished them a successful performance in Kampala tomorrow and encouraged them to return to visit some of our national parks next time. I thank the organizers of the concert.

Mathias Mpuuga rejects Bobi Wine’s request to step down as Commissioner


Former Leader of opposition Hon. Mathias Mpuuga has declined steping down as the commissioner of parliament following a decision by the party leadership.

The National Unity platform has released a statement confirming g Mpuuga was sacked after a successful investigation on issues related to corruption, reports indicate that mpuuga together with other leaders awarded themselves over 450 Uganda millions under unclear circumstances.

While addressing Wakiso district leaders at the party headquarters in Makerere Kavule, the party president Hon Kyagulanyi Ssentamu asserted that he discovered the involvement of the deputy President (Mathias Mpuuga) in corruption, conducted investigations, and obtained evidence.

In a statement released by the former leader of opposition, Mpuuga said he is not willing to step down from his role confirming rejecting the order from his party.

“I accordingly decline the cowardly request for me to resign a parliamentally commissioner based on a spite and deliberate misinterpretation for mischievous reasons” Mpuuga said

Former Leader of opposition Hon. Mathias Mpuuga in hot soup after being asked to step down by NUP Leadership.


The opposition political party National Unity Platform has asked the former leader of opposition Hon. Mathias Mpuuga to step down from his role as commissioner.

Mathias Mpuuga was appointed in December 2023 as commissioner by the party president Hon. Kyagulanyi Ssentamu after being replaced as leader of opposition by Nakawa west member of parliament Hon. Joel Ssenyonyi.

He was asked by the party leadership to step down after conducting investigation that he is a corrupt leader after awarding himself over 450 Uganda millions under unclear circumstances.

While addressing Wakiso district leaders at the party headquarters in Makerere Kavule, the party president Hon Kyagulanyi Ssentamu asserted that he discovered the involvement of the deputy President (Mathias Mpuuga) in corruption, conducted investigations, and obtained evidence.

Leader of Opposition, Hon. Joel Senyonyi has asked Parliament and all MPs not to dismiss the allegations raised against the legislature during the social media exhibition, but rather use this opportunity to address some of the concerns highlighted.

“You can’t be a leader involved in corruption and then expect us to praise you in our party. I will be tough on corruption and people involved in corruption because the country believes and has hope in us.”

The Kampala Capital City Traders Association (KACITA) has warned government over Alcoholic Drinks Control Bill 2023.


The Kampala Capital City Traders Association (KACITA) has asked Parliament not to impose time limit within which alcohol is sold in bars in Uganda, saying such a move infringes on leisure time for Ugandans.

“We need to understand that we have different behavioral changes and there are factors why they do happen. It is actually uncalled for. I don’t know whether the pushers of this bill have in mind that we have workers who have leave days, I don’t know whether they understand that people have their leisure time and so when you say before 5Pm and you haven’t put into consideration the clients that are contributing to this sector, I think it is wrong, said Abel Mwesigwa, Chief Executive KACITA.

KACITA also wondered how the provision banning sell of alcohol in public service vehicles will be enforced, questioning if Police Officers will now be required to accompany all taxis and buses. “Are we going to have enforcement officers in every taxi to check whether someone is drunk or if they are selling? Absolutely we can’t. it isn’t practical,” said Mwesigwa.

Parliament of Uganda last year introduced the Alcoholic Drinks Control Bill 2023 with the intension of regulating drinkers especially the youths

Section 14(1) of the Alcoholic Drinks Control Bill 2023 stipulates that a licensee shall not sell an alcoholic drink or native liquor before 17:00 hours and after 22:00 hours on working days and 12:00 hours and after 00:00 hours on public holidays and weekends

Parliament pays Tribute Magezi Tumuhaise, 25, a resident in Kagadi District who was killed by a speeding Government vehicle


Speaker of Parliament Hon. Rt. Anet Anita Among during planarly led Parliament in paying tribute to Magezi Tumuhaise, 25, a resident in Kagadi District who was killed by a speeding Government vehicle driven by Stephen Tibihikira.

The incident followed a protest by locals of Muhoro, Bwikara, and surrounding areas in Kagadi district over the poor state of Muhorro-Ndaiga road.

During the protest in Muhorro township, a double cabin belonging to the district health department and was carrying the LC5 chairperson, Yosia Ndibwami ran over one of the protesters before continuing with its journey at break-neck speed.

The speaker of parliament called for an end to the brutality inflicted upon Ugandans demonstrating for better service delivery and demanding for their rights.

Mbabazi Kyomuhendo the Kagadi District Woman representative revealed that the 25year old Tuhaise who was killed during a demonstration in Kagadi district left behind 4 children and a pregnant wife noting.

“This person left a family of 4children and a pregnant wife, it was so sad that there was a demonstration on the state of the road that we have been crying for in this Parliament. I once almost died on the same road in 2020, and it is so sad. I haven’t got all the details but the details I have is that the driver of the vehicle has been arrested.


Police Arrests a man who has been stealing number plates extorting money from the owners.


Uganda Police Force have confirmed the arrest of a one Muwanguzi Isaac, 21, a resident of Salaama for allegedly stealing license plates and then extorting money from the owners.

Muwanguzi was arrested on Tuesday in Kabowa after police searched for him for some time.

Deputy Police Spokesperson Luke Owoyesigyire confirmed the arrest and urged people to visit Kabawo police station to see if their belongings were among the items seized.


Internal Affairs Otafiire Minister summoned over Grabbing Luzira Prison Land


Speaker of parliament Rt. Hon. Anita Among has asked the prime minister Robinah Nabbanja to summon Kahinda Otafiire, Minister of Internal Affairs to come to Parliament and clarify on the reported relocation of Luzira Prison.

This happened after some Members of Parliament raised concern over integrity of this process, citing Otafire’s implication in several land grabbing scandals in Uganda.

Last week, a letter from a group of investors hit the waves of social media that was addressed to the minister of internal affairs requesting to relocate Luzila prison to another place.

The investors revealed that the place where Luzira prison is sitting is good for a hotel business that could yield more revenue for development.

“The issue of official Secrecy applies but if it is true, because I can’t take this as a true statement, we will ask the Minister to come and give an explanation to this. But giving an instruction that the prison should be shifted has no problem, but what has a problem is the process. Is the right process going to be followed is the issue. “Among said

Kasambya County member of parliament Mbwa Tekamewa revealed to parliament that Minister Kahinda Otafiire is known for land grabbing which forced the speaker to stop him discussing members who are not present.

“The justification that I am bringing is that Minister who is inviting people for a consultative meeting is well known to be a land grabber in this country.” Mbwa Tekamwa said.


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