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Internal Affairs Otafiire Minister summoned over Grabbing Luzira Prison Land


Speaker of parliament Rt. Hon. Anita Among has asked the prime minister Robinah Nabbanja to summon Kahinda Otafiire, Minister of Internal Affairs to come to Parliament and clarify on the reported relocation of Luzira Prison.

This happened after some Members of Parliament raised concern over integrity of this process, citing Otafire’s implication in several land grabbing scandals in Uganda.

Last week, a letter from a group of investors hit the waves of social media that was addressed to the minister of internal affairs requesting to relocate Luzila prison to another place.

The investors revealed that the place where Luzira prison is sitting is good for a hotel business that could yield more revenue for development.

“The issue of official Secrecy applies but if it is true, because I can’t take this as a true statement, we will ask the Minister to come and give an explanation to this. But giving an instruction that the prison should be shifted has no problem, but what has a problem is the process. Is the right process going to be followed is the issue. “Among said

Kasambya County member of parliament Mbwa Tekamewa revealed to parliament that Minister Kahinda Otafiire is known for land grabbing which forced the speaker to stop him discussing members who are not present.

“The justification that I am bringing is that Minister who is inviting people for a consultative meeting is well known to be a land grabber in this country.” Mbwa Tekamwa said.